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What is Client Advisory Services or CAS?

What is Client Advisory Services or CAS?

January 11, 2023

Simply put, Client Advisory Services or CAS is an accounting service that goes beyond “general accounting” for your business. While accounting is the primary function of the service, it’s an effort to work to find solutions to improve your bottom line and understand your business. 

Most CAS are hosted virtually, meaning you and your team have access to your accounting at any given time, no matter where you are. A prime feature of Client Advisory Services is that it is adaptable to your business’s needs – meaning it can quickly adapt during periods of rapid growth, a common experience in 2023. 

A CAS firm will typically assist with making informed decisions involving business purchases, spending, and investments, and may even give general business advice depending on the expertise of the firm.

Who is Client Advisory Services for?

Client Advisory Services are for business owners and businesses that are looking for additional support beyond a traditional accountant. CAS is designed to help businesses stay up to date and keep up with the quick changes they can face in today’s online culture.

With the possibility of virality and the ability to grow rapidly or even experience unexpected periods of slow growth – for example, dealing with COVID – it’s even more critical to have an accounting firm that can help your business adapt. 

Firms that offer CAS tend to offer different Client Advisory Service packages to best suit your business. Packages may include basic accounting assistance such as managing Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable along with additional services such as setting up an accounting system for a new business or upgrading a previously existing accounting system for businesses.

What Type of Business Insights Do You Get With CAS?

One of the pride offers of CAS is the dedication to offering and developing new reports and insights for your business. This allows you to make educated decisions about the next steps of your business – which sometimes can even include looking at your competitors and personal projections. 

CAS offers typical reports and insights such as Cashflow Projections, Government Contract Reporting, Contractor Reporting (1099s), and Tax planning/projections in addition to Industry Comparison Reports, Reasonable Compensation Reports, and more. 

How to Find a CAS Firm for Client Advisory Services

Client Advisory Services by accounting firms are a relatively new service and are not offered at many traditional brick-and-mortar bookkeeping and accounting firms. To find a firm that provides CAS, you’ll need to start your search online! You can look for a local firm or search for a virtual firm.

Virtual firms that offer CAS are still experts regarding your state’s restrictions and regulations, along with being able to assist in making educated decisions based on those regulations. If you’re interested in connecting with a virtual firm and getting started with CAS, connect with the ModVentures team today.


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