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Our modern online world offers more opportunities to be your own boss than ever before.

You just need to understand your business plan, establish your objectives and know what to keep track of financially throughout the year, otherwise you won’t have a business for very long.

The Business Savvy Influencer is a streamlined online business course that packs everything you need to know about the legal, financial and tax considerations of starting – and running – a successful business into 4 straightforward modules. 

You don’t need a business degree to grow your side hustle (or innovative idea) into a business you’re proud of.

You Can Become an Entrepreneur

You’ll learn: 

Different business formations and how to choose the right business model for your idea

How to legally establish your business (without the headaches and overwhelm)

How to track your finances, understand your profitability, and identify potential problems before they undermine all your hard work 

Which tax documents you need, what they mean, and how to maximize your tax return 

How to track your finances, understand your profitability, and identify potential problems before they undermine all your hard work 

Which tax documents you need, what they mean, and how to maximize your tax return 

Meet Your Instructor, Gabrielle Luoma (CPA, CGMA)

Hey you, I’m Gabby! I help people (just like you!) discover how accessible starting a business really is. 

As a fellow entrepreneur and busy mom of 2, I get it – I founded MOD Ventures LLC in my living room in 2004, and have since grown it into a seven figure firm. I’ve helped thousands of businesses take control of their finances, and I’m here to tell you it’s more straightforward than you think, as long as you have a reliable roadmap. 

I designed The Business Savvy Influencer to be that roadmap. 

As a published author of several books, including The Smokin’ Hot Guide To Entrepreneurship, I’ve packed the essentials I’ve learned between building my own business and my clients’ along the way so you get everything you need and nothing you don’t, at a fraction of the cost of a business degree. 

“A must for all aspiring and new entrepreneurs.”

One of the hardest things starting out as an entrepreneur is knowing what you need to do, and whether you are best positioned to do it yourself or invest in professional support. The BSI course cuts through the noise and provides the critical knowledge to establish your business, identify exactly what you need and provide you with the tools to succeed. The content and delivery of this course are so well done, I was able to complete it in one day and get straight to work on my business. The best part is that you are learning from a pro. Gabby is not only super knowledgeable as a CPA, but she has also built her own business so she intimately understands the journey having successfully navigated for nearly two decades. I cannot recommend this course enough for anyone considering starting a business or taking their hobby or side hustle to the next level!”


The Business Savvy Influencer

If you’ve got the vision and the drive, the Business Savvy Influencer will give you the roadmap to make it happen. 

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The BSI is on-demand and done at your own pace. Streamlined for ease and essentiality, most students complete the modules and have their business established in less than a weekend. 

Course Overview

Here's What's Inside

Module 1. Setting Up Shop

Tax entities and how to pick the right one for your goals

Filing for your EIN

Who to legally include in your business team

You’ll also have the opportunity to consult with an experienced financial advisor from our renowned team for personal 1:1 guidance. 

Module 2. Breezin’ Through Tax Season

Maximize deductions and minimize liability like a pro

Schedule Cs made easy – A line-by-line explanation of your most important tax document

Getting the most out of your tax return

Module 3. Bookkeeping Like A Boss: Mastering Quickbooks

Learn how to use Quickbooks, Intuit’s flagship accounting software that’ll save you a bunch of headaches come tax season 

Track your financial growth and spot potential problem areas 

Recording your revenue and understanding your profitability

Module 4. Essential Resources

Explore accounting and business software options and how they’ll help you automate, streamline and save time

Explore various accounting, business and productivity apps that will keep you organized, keep you on track, and save you time 

Automating your accounting and saving yourself valuable time

Passion, Meet Acumen 

The reason why most small businesses fail is because they don’t have the right financial systems in place, or know how to track their profitability.

The BSI will give you actionable, lifelong knowledge on starting a business the right way and running it successfully for the long haul – all for the price of an accountant’s one-time service. 

Breeze through the busywork with the Business Savvy Influencer so you can focus on what’s important: doing what you love, making your mark, and living life on your terms. 

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