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How to Get Great Client Testimonials

How to Get Great Client Testimonials

January 18, 2023

Part of growing your business is building a great relationship with your current clients, as well as establishing a good reputation with your community to attract new clients. How do you do that? Get great client testimonials. 

Testimonials are a great way to showcase your work without being “salesy”- instead, you’re marketing your results along with authentic reactions to working with you. In fact, studies show that credible testimonials increase buying intent by more than 92% [Source].

But, how do you get great, authentic, client testimonials? Simple, you focus on how you best serve your clients and your client’s journey during and after work is complete. To make it a little bit easier, here are the three main ways we started getting client testimonials:

#1. Focus on Your Client Experience

Part of getting a great client testimonial is providing a great client experience. While delivering the results promised, making the experience pleasant and easy for your client will give them the push needed to leave that glowing review. 

Do some research and self-auditing on your client experience and make it as seamless as possible. What processes are you using? Is your client onboarding efficient? Do you have clear lines of communication? What type of follow-up do you have after you’ve completed work?

#2. Set-Up a System to Collect Testimonials

Are you currently asking for testimonials? If not, you should start. Asking for a testimonial – or even just for their opinion on your services – is key to getting testimonials. Most clients don’t offer a testimonial without prompting, and it’s not because you don’t deserve one, it’s just because they don’t think about it. 

Prompting for a testimonial can be as simple as asking for a testimonial or you can further guide their responses with a form asking specific questions. Questions could include things like “What did you find most helpful about our services?” and “What do you feel we could do better?”

#3. Connect with Your Client’s Story

There is nothing better than knowing that someone is truly listening to your story – and this is an opportunity to listen to your client’s. From start to finish, invest some of your time into the why behind their business and why they chose to work with you or invest in your service. Follow up with them throughout your relationship and when you’re finishing with the project or you feel comfortable with the time that has passed, reach out to them to share their story with your audience – and how working with you helped them.

Testimonials go beyond “Company B did amazing work for my business,” testimonials can be the story of how you’ve helped a business accomplish their goals. 

Take the next step in your business by setting up systems that work for you, like client journeys, onboarding, and handling your business’s cashflow with ModVentures.


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