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MOD Ventures offers Tax Services in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ.

Working with MOD means peace of mind at tax time. 

In lieu of that old family friend that always did your taxes correctly and on time, enjoy MOD’s virtual, streamlined and secure online tax portal. 

Need an audit prepared? No need to be scared. This isn’t our first rodeo, and trust us when we say we’ve seen it all. You’re in good hands. Lay it on us. 

We’re here to minimize your liabilities, maximize your returns, and provide you with the peace of mind that all your documents are filed correctly and on time, every time. No matter what your tax needs are, we won’t leave you hanging – our turnaround policy for all communication is 24 hours, guaranteed. 

Here's What You Can Expect


We have a completely virtual and streamlined tax system – all engagement letters, tax organizers, and tax return deliveries are done online through a safe client portal system.


We are a virtual firm that is able to support business owners in all parts of the country.

We know you need answers right away. Because of that, We are responsive – our turnaround policy for all communication is 24 hours. 



We’re not just telling you what you want to hear. We have proven results and clients whose lives and businesses have been transformed through the work we do.

I Need My Taxes Done Right

Avalara sales tax partnership

Free personalized sales tax risk assessment

When it comes to your sales tax obligations, guessing is no way to operate. That’s why we have partnered with Avalara to extend to you Avalara’s Standard Sales Tax Risk Assessment (a $4,500 value). The assessment includes economic and physical nexus obligation evaluations and a personalized consultation.
Here’s how it works:
✔ First, get access to a guided nexus questionnaire that you can complete at your own pace
 ✔ Once you’ve submitted your questionnaire, you’ll receive an in-depth analysis of your economic and physical nexus tax obligations within three business days
✔ Finally, you’ll get one-on-one consultation with an Avalara sales tax professional to help you understand your results and determine your best compliance strategy
Mod Ventures and Avalara are working together to make sales tax compliance easier for companies like yours. Don't miss out on this limited time offer to get this valuable information for your business at no charge! 

Sales Tax Risk Assessment

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