The Value of Collaborating in Business

/The Value of Collaborating in Business

The Value of Collaborating in Business

In this interview, we talked to Jessica Korff from Fleur de Lea Photography! Jessica specializes in luxury high school senior portraits and therapeutic photography. Jessica does not simply take photos and deliver them to her clients, but rather she is with them throughout the entire process. That is what makes it a luxury experience.

Her initiatives for healing through photography and helping women see themselves how the world sees them are so powerful.

She also is a big advocate for collaborating in business due to the sometimes lonely nature of being a photographer. Life as a solo entrepreneur can definitely be lonely, and she really believes that networking groups have given her a community of business owners!

Another benefit of collaborating in business is personal development and learning to be a good team member. Even if you are a solo entrepreneur, it is still possible to have the input and help of others. This really helps round out a business to live to its full potential.

If you want to learn more about how you can succeed in your business, read a few of our blog posts about business ownership! You’re sure to find valuable information!

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