How to Maximize Your Hiring Potential

How to Maximize Your Hiring Potential

Hiring a new employee can be a stressful situation, especially if it is your first time. You don’t want to bring just anybody into the business you’ve worked hard to create, but the fact of the matter is… you need the help. In true MOD Ventures fashion, you have to make it fun! Here’s our guide to finding your missing piece and have a great time doing so.

  • Create a dynamic workplace environment where people truly enjoy their job.

By making yourself the ideal employer, you are more likely to meet potential hires through employee referrals (which is one of the best ways to meet potential hires). In order to make yourself an ideal employer you must have a strong company culture that is visible from the outside in. We base our firm strongly on the wonders of “personal freedom.” This means that as long as client needs are met and work is completed, they can plan their work around their lives by choosing to work whenever and wherever. That definitely sounds appealing, right?

  • Get the word out about your job opening in several ways.

One of the best ways to hire quality people, as mentioned before, is through employee referral. These referrals are oftentimes great fits because it is coming from someone who knows your business and the potential hire really well. They have likely seen or heard about your business through their friend and are excited to try it out for themselves. Another great way to announce job openings is through job boards like Indeed. There are a few other job boards online, but we suggest Indeed the most because they have better SEO, and are more compatible with mobile devices.

  • Rather than creating a yes/no checklist, describe your ideal employee.

In nearly every job posting you see, there is a list of “requirements.” When we apply for jobs that’s almost always the first thing we look for, and for good reason. What if your requirements were more than “Bachelor’s degree in xyz” and “proficiency in xyz software”? There are definitely requirements that must be met for your job opening, but in addition to that, think about the person you are looking to hire rather than posting only a checklist of skills and achievements. Are you looking for someone who does well in group settings? Add that. Someone who loves and embraces technology? Yep. Someone with a light hearted sense of humor? Very helpful!

  • Have a rockin’ interview process.

Interviews aren’t any fun for either party, that’s just a fact. Let your interview process reflect the culture of your company! Because our firm is virtual, our interviews are conducted via Google Hangouts and pre-made interview videos. Give your applicant the opportunity to show you why they are a good fit through action rather than showcasing their ability to answer stuffy interview questions.

Hiring is not typically a fun or easy process, but we hope that keeping these insights in mind your next hiring-season will be a fruitful and an enjoyable experience. Feel free to contact us regarding out hiring process, or find out more about our CPA business.

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