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5 Ways to Make the Best of a Slow Season in Phoenix

March 17, 2020

Every industry experiences a “slow season.” While there may not be a ton of new clients or inquiries, there is a lot you can be doing behind the scenes to improve your Phoenix business. Whether it be cleaning or reevaluating your processes, there are so many ways to make the best of a slow season. Keep reading to find out more!

Work on tightening up your processes by documenting your sales delivery and looking for ways to improve.

The thing that will keep clients coming back year after year is a good sales process. Clients like to know how to get from point A to point B. Spend your slow season watching your sales closer and seeing where you can improve your processes for a better client experience. There is always room for improvement, and clients like to see your company growing and changing for the better.

To make the best of a slow season, you have to prepare for the busy season.

There will certainly be times where business can slow down unexpectedly or suddenly. This doesn’t mean it’s the end for you and your company. Utilize this time to organize your products (digital or physical), and prepare yourself and your team for when sales start to pick up again. Slow seasons are temporary and inevitable. It’s best to use this time to prepare for when business picks up again.

Clean your office/space/store. It’s time to get a new perspective or view of your everyday life.

Have you ever noticed how therapeutic cleaning can be? Mindless activities can oftentimes help us regain perspective on what is really important and the direction you want to move. Pop in some headphones and hang out with your favorite podcast! We suggest checking out our own podcast, Entrepreneurship Uncovered, a story-telling podcast like This American Life, or an inspirational podcast like Boss Babes! With podcasts, there’s something for everybody.

Send thank you cards to your staff and clients. Gratitude for what you do have is a great way to strengthen current relationships.

During a slow season, you will likely have fewer leads or new clients coming in. This doesn’t mean your business needs to suffer during this time. Sending out a thank you card to your clients to express your gratitude for them is a great way to positively spend your time during a slow season. Even further, you could offer a special discount to returning clients!

For example, photographers oftentimes experience lulls in business when it isn’t the wedding season. What they can do to increase revenue and dig deeper into relationships with past clients is to photograph them again for their 1 year anniversary! 

Get your books up to date or talk to your accountant virtually to see what areas you can improve in or strengthen your strategy.

Another way to make the best of a slow season is to dig deeper into your accounting systems and find ways to improve. You will have much more time, energy, and brain space to work with your accountant on new techniques and ways to expand your horizon in your accounting. Especially in this time where social distancing is important, meeting virtually is the most ideal. If your accounting firm is already virtual, you shouldn’t experience any interruptions in your services.

We hope this post was helpful for any Phoenix businesses experiencing a slow season due to the nature of your business or the news of COVID-19. If you have any questions about how you can utilize any of these tips in your own business, we’d love to set up a consultation and meet with you, virtually of course.


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