5 Ways to Make Money Now

Every business owner’s favorite question is: “How can I make more money now?” There are many ways you can use your wealth of knowledge as a tool to bring in more revenue for your business without using a ton of time and money in the process.

Here are 5 quick ways to up your earnings:

1) Expand your services with already existing clients.

Your clients are your clients because they appreciate and like what you do for them. Ask yourself  how else you can be a resource for them in your industry and start offering them those services. Want an even better idea? Early in your client relationship, learn their long-term goals so that you can tailor your services to their needs. Remember though, instead of just offering clients a new service, offer them a plan of action. “With X service, you will see Y result and we will do it in this and that way.”

2) Offer to teach what you know to a class.

You are the expert! Why not share your knowledge? A great way to do this is to connect with a group in your area  and offer to teach about your industry and on-the-job experiences. Start with networking groups, clubs at a nearby college, business complexes, etc. There are plenty of people who love to learn and could benefit from your expertise who might not have time to research or learn otherwise. The class you offer could be just the trick to help young business owners along in their journey!

3) Network in your specific niche.

If you specialize in accounting for health and wellness businesses like we do, find these types of businesses around you and connect with them. Even if it isn’t to serve them specifically, they could have a friend in the same industry who could really use your help. Sending this potential client an email simply introducing yourself and your services is beneficial and can actually bring in quite a few clients.

4) Ask friends, clients, and family for referrals.

Everybody knows someone. As I said before, if one person won’t benefit from your services, they probably know someone who will. There is no harm in asking, and there is no better advertisement than a happy customer.

5) Post special offers on social media platforms.

A great way to gain more clients is by having a strong social media presence, and one way to do so is to post special “social media only” offers that clients can use and share with others. Not only will this help you make money, but it will save you money. Posting on social media is FREE advertising!  What a significant tool business owners have at their fingertips. Spend a few minutes creating some posts with special offers and provide an extra bonus for those who “share” your post.

By utilizing all 5 of these methods, you’re sure to come up with some extra revenue at the end of the month. A little side hustling never hurt anybody! If you are needing assistance balancing all of the new income after trying out these ideas, contact us! We’d be happy to help you make more money. 

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Rebecca De La Paz
Becca is our in-house marketing expert and has the ability to transform technical jargon into palatable and easy-to-understand information. Her knowledge in research, writing, and business ownership makes her a wonderful addition to our team.
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