IRS In-Person Visits: Everything You Need to Know

As of November 2019, the IRS is authorized to make unannounced in-person visits. Why are IRS in-person visits happening? And what to do if you get one? Keep reading to learn more.

The IRS has started to make home visits to individuals to help solve tax compliance issues. You will only get an IRS in-person visit if you have ignored their efforts to contact you by mail and have outstanding issues. This could be missing returns or taxes owed.

During the visits, “the revenue officers interview [you] to gather financial information. They will provide [you] with the necessary steps to become and remain compliant with the law.” If a payment is necessary, the IRS officer will provide ways to collect the amount owed.

IRS in-person visits are always unannounced.

IRS in-person visits can easily be confused as a scam. Here are some tips on how you can identify if the visit is legit or not:

  1. The IRS revenue officer will always provide two forms of ID. They include a serial number and a photo ID.
  2. The revenue officer will never make threats or demand payment. They are simply visiting to help the taxpayer meet their obligations.
  3. If the individual has an outstanding federal debt, the IRS revenue officer will request payment.
  4. The IRS officer will offer multiple payment methods. By check, or by paying online at the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS).

Report scams.

You can report a fake IRS revenue officer or communication in many ways:

The IRS is committed to taxpayer rights. These visits are only to ensure that everyone pays their fair share under the tax law.

If you would like to read articles from the IRS about their home visits, you can visit this article, and also this article.

If you have additional questions about tax compliance and how you can avoid IRS in-person visits, please contact us for a consultation! We look forward to working with you.

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