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Efficient Onboarding Process

Does an Efficient Onboarding Process Improve Employee Retention?

October 20, 2022

Yes, an efficient onboarding process does improve employee retention. Except, it’s not limited to employee retention. An efficient and effective onboarding process enhances employee satisfaction, productivity, job relationship, and pride in the company. While this seems great for companies and businesses alike willing to take the necessary steps to create an efficient onboarding process, it leaves most guessing what it actually takes to make said process. 

In fact, great employee onboarding can improve employee retention by 82% [Source]

Employee onboarding is not limited to posting a job opportunity, accepting and interviewing potential talents, and bringing talent into the company. In reality, employee onboarding begins prior to even posting your job application – it starts when you’re establishing the type of talent and their responsibilities. Let’s break it down into stages along with how each stage creates the efficient onboarding process new talents deserve:

Pre-Boarding Your New Hires

Pre-boarding is considered the time between when you find your new hire and the time period when they actually start working. This part of the onboarding process is where you establish your first impression. The little things matter when you onboard a new employee, and making them feel welcome in their new position is just one of them.

Preboarding doesn’t need to be something extravagant, it could be as simple as sending an email mapping out what the employee onboarding process will look like so they know what to expect. Or, if you’re bringing on a new team member that will work closely with others, introduce them during an employee lunch out. This prevents them from being overwhelmed on the first day, as well as allows them to develop a relationship with their team.

Getting Current Employees and Managers Involved

Outside of understanding their job duties and responsibilities, the social aspect of being the “new hire” weighs heavily on new employees. Ensuring that your current employees and managers are involved in the onboarding process will help your new hire build relationships and recognize where they should go and who they should ask for clarification. 

Sending out an email to introduce new hires to their team members and vice versa is a must for open communication. Managers should take it a step further and check in on their new team member. Instead of waiting for them to ask questions or start a conversation, managers should reach out to them and ask if they are in need of anything or clarify parts of the job description that may be confusing.

Clearly State and Maintain Job Expectations

One of the most confusing things for new employees is miscommunication regarding their job responsibilities. Although their job responsibilities should be covered in their job application, it should also be restated upon hiring. New hires should also have access to a resource that shows them how to access what is needed to complete their responsibilities.

Clear expectations and clear methods of completion, whether that is submitting work to a client or delivering to the next team member – or both, allow your new hire to feel comfortable and confident in the workspace. 

Additionally, unclear expectations can lead to a higher employee turnover rate.

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