Advisory Services

MOD Ventures offers Advisory Services in Phoenix and Tucson, AZ

Adding Breakthroughs. Subtracting the Headaches.

Have you had any breakthroughs lately? A huge problem FINALLY solved?

If not, then this is why you would seek out an advisor. 

Let’s be real, we all have issues that if we knew the answer to them we could move forward and conquer the next big hurdle. 

We are here to help you do that!

Clients that come to us are looking for answers to these burning questions:

  • Should I rent or buy my car or business equipment?
  • How am I doing in comparison to my industry competitors? Where should I improve?
  • I am unsure how much I should pay my employees, sales teams, or our contractors for work we need to be done?
  • How should I handle my PPP loan?
  • Do I need contractors or employees for my business?
  • Am I in the best position to sell my company, if not, what should I do to get ready?
  • I want to buy a business but I am not sure what I should be looking for specifically?
  • I might have to go through an independent audit and I don’t know how to prepare for it?
  • I am growing my company but I don’t feel like I have control over the people or the processes in place. Where to begin?

If you are trying to solve a problem we have likely had to solve it before and have the team and the know-how to get the job done.

Serving Clients Remotely

At MOD Ventures, we pride ourselves on our forward-focused and technology-driven practices. Being virtual allows us to always be exploring new software to make your life that much easier. All software that we deem necessary for you is included in your fixed price agreement, which makes navigating your finances that much easier. From automated expense tracking to automated data entry, we have you covered.

MOD Ventures serves clients locally and remotely.

Are you tired of being stuck and ready for a breakthrough?

Your first next step is to provide your information in the form below. We go through an extensive discovery process and will prepare a customized plan to help you get moving on your journey.

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