Create a Delegation Friendly Work Environment

To create a delegation friendly work environment, you must start with the founders. Delegation isn’t something that appears in a work environment, it is created. Consider these four tips to get started creating a delegation friendly work environment. 

Create a log for current written processes and procedures. 

Give employees the tools they need to be trusted to work independently. This means you must document each and every process that takes place. f there is no information on HOW to do the work, the work will be done differently by each person. By setting a standard, it streamlines your processes. Detail will be remembered, and training will run smoother. 

Have specific people in place to train new hires to aid in creating a delegation friendly work environment. 

Not everyone at your firm has a teacher’s instinct. That’s okay. Find the people that do, and set them up with new hires. 

Start with a culture that allows for delegation. 

To maintain a culture that allows delegation, you must have processes in place that will weed out people who cannot perform at the level you are hoping for. This means you must have a standardized hiring/firing process. When you have standards in the hiring process, you can trust that when you hire someone they will have the necessary skills to integrate into your environment well. 

Just like with hiring, having a standardized firing process is key. If someone isn’t performing at the level expected, you must have an improvement plan in place to help them get there; if they still aren’t able to perform at the expected level, have processes in place for letting them go. 

Teach managers and supervisors to be intuitive with their people will help create a delegation friendly work environment. 

When you delegate, you are investing in people. Supervisors and managers need to be able to see where employees are comfortable, and where they need improvement. It is a manager’s job to help employees perform to the best of their abilities. Helping employees succeed is often set aside because managers are busy with other tasks. Make sure that managers have the time to invest in their people, just like you make time to invest in your managers. 

I hope that this post is helpful for you in creating a delegation-friendly work environment. If you have questions about your specific company and how you can get there, please contact us

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