24 01, 2020

Business or Hobby: How the IRS Decides

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Whether or not your business is considered a business or hobby greatly depends on your intentions going into it. Are you starting a business to turn a real profit, or is this just a fun way to make a few extra bucks? Keep reading to find out how the IRS decides whether your side [...]

4 12, 2019

5 Alternative Christmas Movies

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One of our team members, Michael, is quite the movie connoisseur. He put together a list of 5 alternative Christmas movies for you to check out this holiday season! Let us know which is your favorite and/or if you've seen any of them before! 5. Anna and the Apocalypse: The first alternative Christmas movie [...]

3 12, 2019

IRS In-Person Visits: Everything You Need to Know

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As of November 2019, the IRS is authorized to make unannounced in-person visits. Why are IRS in-person visits happening? And what to do if you get one? Keep reading to learn more. The IRS has started to make home visits to individuals to help solve tax compliance issues. You will [...]

30 11, 2019

Want to Improve Your Finance Department?

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If you are looking to up your game in your finance department, look no further. I am so happy to finally be releasing our Smokin' Hot Fiance Department Guide for Your Business.  As a business owner, your list of to-do’s is endless. As your business grows the risks and achievements grow too. Sometimes the [...]

27 11, 2019

MOD Ventures Featured on Bill.com!

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Bill.com is one of our favorite software we use in our accounting department! We were thrilled when they reached out asking for an interview about our firm and how we utilize their services. If you haven't heard of them, they are cloud-based software that digitizes and automates financial operations for small to midsized businesses. One [...]

25 11, 2019

10 ways an Outsourced Accountant Will Improve Your Business

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"Outsourced Accountant" might feel like a bit of a buzz word in the world of business, but what do they actually do? What relief do they offer small businesses? An outsourced accountant is invaluable to small businesses because they offer the business owner time. When you hire an outsourced accountant, [...]

25 10, 2019

2019 End of Year Tax Checklist for Money Saving

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The end of the year can definitely creep up quickly! That's why we've made this 2019 end of year tax checklist to aid you in your end-of-year close-out. You can download this post as a PDF checklist by clicking here. Review your bookkeeping. If it’s not done, complete it and then review it. Look [...]

16 10, 2019

5 Reasons Employees Can’t Delegate

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There are many personal reasons employees can’t delegate. Learning to delegate is one of the hardest tasks in the workplace. As I was planning for my blog post “How to Create Success in Business” I realized how important it is for business owners to learn the art of delegating and pass those skills to [...]

3 10, 2019

5 Books for Business Owners

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There are so many books for business owners out there full of wisdom and insight. I’ve compiled a list of 5 books for business owners that have really changed my outlook on this journey, and I hope you’ll give them a try! Traction by Gino Wickman Traction is an incredible book for many reasons, [...]

2 10, 2019

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

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Overcoming the Imposter Syndrome is the best and hardest tasks you can do for the benefit of your company. Imposter Syndrome happens when you are reaching success, yet you secretly don’t understand what all the hype is about. It is common to feel confusion about how you have achieved such success and as a [...]