10 Indicators of A Healthy Business

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10 Indicators of A Healthy Business

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Having a healthy business is a term that we’re hearing more and more of as time goes by. It doesn’t mean having a business that’s in the health industry. Rather, it’s about how you run your business and the way it treats its employees, as well as its customers. A healthy business is a soulful business, that encourages creativity, connection, and big dreams. It cares for its workers and customers and values its purpose.

There are ten signs of a healthy business (actually more, but we’ll settle on ten for now), and we’ve listed them below.

1. A Purpose –

Why are you in the business you’re in? What is your passion, your guiding force? And do those that work with you know the answer to those questions? (The answer should be more than just gaining profits.) Have a Mission for your business that everyone can get behind and work towards to better the world.

2. Clear Vision –

Know what you want to achieve. Have goals, both short and long term, and work diligently towards those goals. Allowing your employees to know those exact goals and how to reach them will help build a healthy working environment and make things move forward more easily.

3. Knowing Your Audience –

Who are you serving? Knowing exactly who your consumers are will create a better understanding of what you should be offering and how you should be offering it. Happy customers are ones that feel respected, which creates happiness in your business and garners more profits.

4. Profits and Value –

Understand what your business is selling (whether that’s products or services). Keep on top of the competition so that you know that your products aren’t being priced at the wrong value. Consistency and professionalism are vital to a healthy business, and a healthy relationship with your customers. It creates credibility and trust.

5. How You Run –

Knowing how your business runs is a very important part of having a healthy business. Be involved in every process, and be aware of the company culture you are building. Customers are more willing to buy into your brand if you’re open about how your business runs and why people are willing to work for your business.

6. Connection and Communication –

Good communication is vital to a strong business. Employees who feel as though they’re heard and understood are better able to connect with each other and yourself, creating an environment that nourishes and creates profits. Strong relationships between staff correlate to a strong relationship with your customers, thus bringing up profits.

7. Create –

Innovation is the key to success, and the key to innovation and creativity is a healthy environment to let it flourish. When you’re creating new and better products or content, you’re setting yourself apart from your competition and building something that much stronger.

8. Your Team –

A team that is strong, both mentally and emotionally, can build a healthy environment. Those that share values, beliefs, and responsibility, are better able to foster a healthy working relationship. Create a team of people that get along, and strengthen that relationship when you can. There’s no reason for people to be stressed at work by having to deal with those they work with. A healthy business has a team that is efficient and positive.

9. Respect –

Respect belongs not only to your company and employees but also to your consumers. Today’s consumers are more and more conscious about social issues, and often times their business goes to those that are respectful of their beliefs. While this can sometimes be dangerous territory to tread, it’s important to be respectful despite personal opinion, while staying true to your own standards. Respect, even in the face of differences, can garner a lot of trust, thus creating a healthier work space.

10. Belief –

If you believe in yourself, your company and your employees, it shows in everything you do and say. Belief garners trust, and trust builds lasting relationships and ideals. Your business should shape your life, and the lives of those that work for and with you. Believing in what you do and who you work with will build your world and your profits.

Your business is as healthy as the effort you put into it. If you’re looking for more information on having a healthy business, feel free to contact us. We’d love to talk it over with you.

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