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What is an Industry Analysis Report?

What is an Industry Analysis Report?

April 19, 2023

When establishing your business against the competition, insight into your industry, including trends, opportunities, threats, and other possible challenges, is necessary. Industry analysis is how a business can gather this information in an easy-to-understand manner. When the information collected is compiled and delivered in its final form, it’s called an industry analysis report. 

Industry analysis is a tool that can be used to improve a business’s understanding of its position in relation to its competitors. It is one part of doing equity research and analyzing your business’s financials, exploring possible scenarios, and forecasting financials.

What is Included in an Industry Analysis Report?

An industry analysis report will typically give you insight into different aspects of your business and the industry that you’re in. It may include insight into the:

  • Industry’s competitive landscape
  • Changes in products, operations, and technologies
  • Sales and marketing techniques
  • Finance and regulations in your industry
  • International rights (where applicable)
  • Regional highlights
  • Skills and human resources
  • Possible opportunities appearing in the industry

Other topics that may be included in an industry analysis report would be business challenges, business trends, critical issues in the industry, and industry drivers. You should also receive a list of close competitors and a brief comparison.

How Does an Industry Analysis Report Help My Business?

Insight into the industry is extremely valuable in running a business. When used appropriately, information gathered in an industry analysis can help you choose your next products, marketing strategies, investments in infrastructure, and how you compare to competitors. 

Competitor comparison can help you decide where improvements need to be made to overtake or match with your competitors. It’s also important to keep track of where your competitors and you line up yearly and even quarterly to determine if your business is adaptable enough to maintain growth.

From a financial perspective, an industry analysis can help you determine if your business is in a secure position. You can gather insight on upcoming trends and any predicted or noticed decreases across the industry and help mitigate financial risks.

How Do I Get an Accurate Industry Analysis?

While it is possible to complete and industry analysis on your own, it’s important to ensure that you are getting an accurate look at your industry in a timely manner. A simple mistake could quickly land your business in a tough spot depending on the decisions it influenced. 

To get an accurate industry analysis, it is important to work with and connect with professionals that can accurately identify and analyze your industry. Professionals are able to quickly reference necessary information for an industry analysis, something that is not always readily available to the public. Here at ModVentures, frequent financial forecasting and recurrent industry analysis are just some of the services included when working with us. Connect with our team today to determine how we can best help you and your business.


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