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July 15, 2021

There are dozens of ways that health and wellness businesses can out-sell their competition in today’s atmosphere. 

Out-selling your competition is important for many reasons, and it’s not all about the money. What it comes down to is customer satisfaction. A client who feels the added customer service will go a long way. The lifetime value of a client could be in the tens of thousands of dollars from repeat and referral business.

What are the Goals?

There are two parts to think about: first, the end goal of increasing a client’s long-term investment, and second, the quick sell that provides immediate gratification. Add-on services are both a long-term and short-term idea that can increase your income over time and let the client know you care. Service-based businesses in the health and wellness industry have a plethora of services that complement each other well. Your goal is to pinpoint those services, and offer them to prospective clients with a genuine belief that these services will change their lives for the better. 

For example, a massage therapist could have a typical Swedish massage and an additional fee of $10-15 for add-on aromatherapy. A hairstylist can add on deep conditioning that will reduce the summer sun damage for $15, or a nail artist could add a special service that would help with sun damage on the hands. These ideas are simple and easy to implement, and the cost could be relatively small.

Upsell, Upsell, Upsell

Your objective is to increase the number of services a client buys from you at the appointment. Not only that, it offers the client the ability to see other services you offer for later, if not relevant right now. Even if they say no, the client is more aware of the offered services than before.

Many health and wellness companies do not upsell or try to offer any other services at the appointment because they don’t have a plan on how to do it. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to educate your staff on all of the possibilities your clients could have, and teach employees how to sell these opportunities. 

Upselling more services or small add-on items can affect the bottom line in a big way. By upselling your current customers, you are deepening the relationship, by showing that you care, and educating them on what the business does to help with their health and wellness. 

Your clients come to you because they trust you to care for them. Upselling done correctly is a great way to show them that their trust can be extended into other areas.

We Can Help!

Our CFO services include brainstorming potential new services you could offer and tracking the revenue from this new offering. We look for ways to scale your business and increase your bottom line. 

If you are looking for support in this area please contact us.


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