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MOD Ventures offers Tax Services in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ.

Reducing your Risk. Increasing your Confidence.

MOD Ventures, LLC is the premier tax team dedicated to serving entrepreneurs across the country. We provide guidance and support to maximize tax savings while implementing strategies to invest in yourself.

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs look to MOD when

feeling frustrated and dissatisfied with their current tax accountant

there is no peace of mind regarding the accuracy and timeliness of their tax returns

wanting to maximize tax savings strategies

needing more tax advisory and planning services and not just tax return preparation

feeling overlooked and uncared for by a tax professional that never returns their emails and calls 

Let’s get organized

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Here’s what you can expect

MOD continues to dominate the tax consulting and advisory industry because we provide you an experience unique to the industry:

  • We have a completely virtual and streamlined tax system – all engagement letters, tax organizers, and tax return deliveries are done online through a safe client portal system.
  • We are a virtual firm that is able to support business owners in all parts of the country.
  • We are responsive – our turnaround policy for all communication is 24 hours. 
  • We’re not just telling you what you want to hear. We have proven results and clients whose lives and businesses have been transformed through the work we do.

Our Pillars

  • Discovery – we interview and document our client’s needs making sure we are both clear on what results are wanted. 
  • Strategy –  based upon the Discovery session we build a plan that will help us carry out the next pillars in a strategic way.
  • Maximization – after thoroughly understanding our strategy, we will work to maximize the allowable tax deductions.
  • Investment – maximization includes an investment principle and we will advise on the best avenues to invest back into yourself and your business. 
Serving Clients Remotely

At MOD Ventures, we pride ourselves on our forward-focused and technology-driven practices. Being virtual allows us to always be exploring new software to make your life that much easier. All software that we deem necessary for you is included in your fixed price agreement, which makes navigating your finances that much easier. From automated expense tracking to automated data entry, we have you covered.

MOD Ventures serves clients locally and remotely.

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