Accounts Receivable

“How do we know what to bill your clients?”

This is the most asked question we receive when we talk about outsourcing accounts receivable to MOD Ventures. Read on to find out the answer!

Did you know that most companies don’t have a working accounts receivable system? Also, did you know that according to 82% of small businesses fail due to cash flow problems? It is our mission to provide outsourced accounts receivable services that will allow you to collect the money you earn. 

Businesses that outsource their accounts receivable to MOD Ventures solve these problems:

  • Being unable to bill their customers on time. 
  • Having a disorganized billing process, feeling unsure if all the clients have been billed or if the money is even collected on time. 
  • Suffering from low cash flow due to unpaid invoices and using credit to pay bills
  • Financing other people’s debts.
  • Unhappy customers who don’t understand the payment expectations
  • Feeling uncomfortable with chasing customers and doing collections 

Here is the good news: we got you covered.

We discover your needs, develop a plan, and make your outsourced accounts receivable function simple. All processes have a completely transparent workflow and are built to gain your trust and confidence in the systems we co-create. Here is what it looks like for us to support you with outsourced accounts receivable.

Accounts Receivable Process
MOD Ventures' Accounts Receivable Process

We would be happy to help you modernize and outsource an accounts receivable position in your company or handle your whole accounting department. If this relates to you and you are ready to make a move, click on this information below and let’s get started.

We customize all of our services to meet the needs of our clients.

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