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Accounting and Advisory Services in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ

2020 Coronavirus Pandemic Stimulus Package Resource Guide

Download – Pandemic Stimulus Package Resource Guide

Top 13 Most Overlooked Labor Laws

Federal & State Labor Laws

Download – Top 13 Most Overlooked Labor Laws

Arizona Department of Revenue

Arizona tax information for both businesses and individual taxpayers


  • Where’s my refund?

  • Can I make a tax payment?

  • How do I file my tax return electronically myself?

  • Are there fees to file?


  • How do I apply for a joint tax application and/or withholding license?

  • How do I enroll to file and pay taxes ie. payroll, sales taxes online?

  • How do I file and pay sales tax and/or payroll withholding?

  • How do I determine what my sales tax rates are?

Internal Revenue Service

Federal tax information for both individual and business taxpayers

  • Where’s my refund?

  • How do I get copies of my tax transcripts?

  • How do I file for a new business EIN (employer identification number) number?

  • Where do I get information to commonly filed forms ie. Form 1040, Form 1120S, Form 1065, payroll etc…? Are the forms downloadable? Can I electronically file and pay or do they have to be mailed?

  • I think my social security number has been used to file a fraudulent return. What do I do?

  • How do I respond to a tax notice?

Visit Internal Revenue Service website

Arizona Department of Economic Security

Information on Arizona unemployment and labor law changes

  • How do I file for a payroll unemployment number?

  • As an employer how do I report my Arizona unemployment tax? Can I do it electronically?

  • How do I respond to wage audit notices?

  • What information do I have to provide to my employees?

  • Where do I get labor law information and posters?

  • What is the unemployment insurance rate for new businesses? How is it calculated?

  • Who is exempt from state unemployment insurance?

Visit Arizona Department of Economic Security website

Arizona Corporation Commission Website

To register your business in the State of Arizona

  • How do I check the name availability for new business?

  • How do I register a business with the Arizona Corporation Commission?

  • Can I change the name once I’ve filed?

  • Can I renew and pay my licensing fees on-line?

  • How long does it take?

  • Do I have to publish my documents?

Visit Arizona Corporation Commission website

New to QuickBooks Online

List of “how to” videos to get started

QBO tutorials designed to help you set up your Quickbook online accounting software.

QBO tutorials by function- some of these include:

  • How do I set up my chart of accounts?

  • How do I run payroll?

  • How do I reconcile my bank accounts?

  • Can I invoice through QBO?

  • How do I create sales receipts and receive payments?

  • How does QBO track inventory?

Visit QuickBooks Online website

Youtube QBO Videos for advanced accounting functions

QBO training videos YouTube channel

This channel contains QBO videos covering more complex “how to” questions within QBO that you may not find on the intuit website in the basic tutorials.

These videos are longer and may be taught by Intuit specialists.

Visit QBO training videos on YouTube

Youtube QBO and QB Desktop videos for more in-depth accounting

Intuit training videos YouTube channel.

This channel contains both QBO and QuickBooks desktop videos.
These videos cover a wider range of functionality within both QBO and QuickBooks desktop.
It is here you will find answers to more complex “how to” questions within the software you are working in.

Visit QBO and QB Desktop videos on YouTube

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