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Easily Hire New Employees With These 4 Tips

April 10, 2018

Hiring is an important part of a growing business and you want to ensure that you’re choosing the right person for the job. Hiring doesn’t need to be a pain – in fact, hiring can be a fun way to connect with new talent and get to know your company better. Whether you’re an experienced business owner or an entrepreneur taking the next steps, here are our top four tips for hiring new employees:

#1. Create a Dynamic Work Environment

Our #1 tip for how to hire new employees is to start with a dynamic work environment where your employees will enjoy their job. Make yourself the ideal employer. Referrals from current employees are the best way to meet potential hires. The ideal employer requires a strong company culture that is visible from the outside in. 

We at ModVentures base our firm strongly on the wonders of “personal freedom.” This means that as long as clients needs are met and work is completed, they can plan their world around their lives by choosing to work whenever and wherever they want. This was key in our goal of offering CAS to our clients.

#2. Explore Multiple Methods of Promoting Your Job Opportunities

Traditional methods of promoting job opportunities should be supplemented by utilizing job boards like Indeed and professional social media sites like LinkedIn. It’s common for professionals to use LinkedIn as a way to communicate in their industry and is a great way to in contact with potential employees. You can also ask your current employees to share that you are hiring on their, or your, social media platforms. This will foster an environment that brings in both the employee referrals (as mentioned above) and potential talents from a broader audience.

#3. Clearly State Your Expectations

Beyond skill sets and degrees, what do you expect from your potential new employee? In nearly every job posting you see, there is a list of “requirements.” What if your requirements went beyond degrees and software proficiency? 

It’s important to find job candidates who are highly qualified for the position, but it goes beyond skills. When you hire someone, you are getting more than a diploma, you’re getting the entire person – their personality, social skills, and habits. When preparing to hire a new employee, think about these questions:

  • Will their personality blend with the company culture?
  • Will they understand and embrace company practices?
  • Will they perform/interact well in group settings if necessary?
  • Are they willing to adapt to new technology?
  • Do they have a good sense of humor?

#4. Build a Solid Interview Process

We believe your interview process is a direct reflection of your company – which not only affects finding your ideal candidate but also influences your employee turnover rate. Our firm is virtual, so our interviews are conducted virtually. We ask that our candidates submit videos – sometimes with a creative prompt – as part of their interview process. We believe it’s crucial to give your applicant the opportunity to show you why they are a good fit through action rather than showcasing their ability to answer interview questions. 

If you are still having difficulties navigating new hires, feel free to reach out for a consultation. We are always happy to help our clients improve their process for themselves, and their employees.


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