How to Hire New Employees Like a Boss: 4 Tips

Are you ready to hire new employees, or possibly your first employee in 2021? Hiring is an important part of growing your business. You want to choose the right people for the job. We believe that hiring should be fun and a great way to get to know your company better. Keep reading for our tips on how to hire new employees like a boss.

Our #1 tip for how to hire new employees is to start with a dynamic work environment where people will enjoy their job. 

You must make yourself the ideal employer in Phoenix. This opens doors to finding new employees through existing employees, which we feel is the best way to meet potential hires. In order to make yourself an ideal employer, you must have a strong company culture that is visible from the outside in. We base our firm strongly on the wonders of “personal freedom.” This means that as long as client needs are met and work is completed, they can plan their work around their lives by choosing to work whenever and wherever. That definitely sounds appealing, right?

Use multiple methods to get the word out about your job opening. 

Utilize job boards like Indeed and professional social media sites like LinkedIn. Many Phoenix professionals use LinkedIn as a way to communicate in their industry and is a great way to get in contact with them. You can also ask your employees to share that you are hiring on their, or your, social media platforms. This will foster an environment that brings in employee referrals, which we believe are the best way to find new employees. 

Have a clear description of your ideal client. 

In nearly every job posting you see, there is a list of “requirements.” What if your requirements were more than degree requirements and software proficiency? It’s important to find candidates who are highly qualified for the position, but it isn’t always about this. When you hire someone you aren’t hiring a diploma, you are hiring a whole person. You want to make sure that the person you are hiring is well suited as a team member. Will their personality blend with the company culture? Will they understand and embrace company practices? Are you looking for someone who does well in group settings? Add that. Someone who loves and embraces technology? Yep. Someone with a light-hearted sense of humor? Very helpful!

When people ask us how to hire new employees, we tell them to have a solid interview process. 

We believe that your interview process is a direct reflection of your company. Our firm is virtual, so our interviews are conducted virtually. We ask that our job candidates submit videos, sometimes even with a creative prompt, as a part of their interview process. We believe it’s crucial to give your applicant the opportunity to show you why they are a good fit through action rather than showcasing their ability to answer interview questions. 

If you’re still stumped on how to hire new employees like a boss, feel free to reach out to us for consulting! We are always happy to help our Phoenix clients improve their processes for themselves, and for their employees. 

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