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Do Influencers Need Bookkeepers?

August 30, 2023

As your side hustle or “hobby” begins to take up more of your time and get closer to a full-time job, you may start to consider hiring out different aspects of your new business. This leads to wondering if influencers need bookkeepers and/or accountants, and when exactly they might need one – but, let’s take it one step at a time.

Do influencers need bookkeepers? Yes and no. Not all influencers need bookkeepers, although they should still be doing their bookkeeping. Depending on how long you have been an influencer and how much income you have from content creation can affect if you could allocate a budget for a bookkeeper.

It really comes down to when and why you might want to hire a bookkeeper rather than do it yourself. 

Why Would You Hire a Bookkeeper as an Influencer?

If you’re considering hiring a bookkeeper as an influencer, there’s probably a good reason. You may have recognized it as a needed task that you currently don’t know how, or have time, to do or maybe you’ve heard from somewhere on the internet that this was the next step in running a successful business. 

Ultimately, whether you choose to hire a bookkeeper or not is up to you, but there are quite a few popular reasons why you would hire a bookkeeper that you might relate to –

Keep Accurate Records

DIYing your bookkeeping is great when you have fewer transactions, but as your business begins to grow and your expenses – and income – increases, it can be hard to manage. Outsourcing a bookkeeper can help you keep accurate records and perform reconciliations as needed, along with spotting mistakes or errors quicker which is extremely important when you’re dealing with multiple streams of income.

Save Time and Energy

While bookkeeping is not necessarily a difficult task, it can be very time consuming and energy draining when you’re also in charge of your marketing, networking, and content creation. When you outsource your bookkeeping, you’re automating your bookkeeping, allowing you to save time and spend your energy on the tasks that are generating profit.

More Insight Into Your Financials

Professional bookkeepers have a tendency to keep very organized records – as they should. And these records can provide valuable information that can help you chose the right time to invest in other services, like branding or new equipment. You can look at your financial performance over the last few weeks, months, or even years.

Save Money

Hiring a bookkeeper is an investment that pays off. With a bookkeeper, you can accurately keep track of tax write-offs, keep your accounts ready for tax season, look for unexpected and unnecessary bills or subscriptions, and see where your business is making the most money – and least. 

When Should Influencers Hire Bookkeepers?

You know the benefits of hiring a bookkeeper as an influencer, but you might still be on the fence about WHEN to hire a bookkeeper. As we mentioned before, ultimately it is up to you, but before you start outsourcing to other sub-contractors for marketing or coaching, consider investing in your bookkeeping. 

Starting with bookkeeping and accounting will allow you to fully understand your business’s financial health before making large investments and help you determine when the right time to make these investments are.

If you’re determined not to outsource your bookkeeping, invest in a method of keeping your bookkeeping organized and up to date. We suggest having a dedicated hour or two at least one day each week to keep up with your bookkeeping.Ready to learn more about how to keep your bookkeeping organized and treat you business backend like a real business? Join our Business Savvy Influencer Course today or book to work with our team 1:1.


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