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Quarter 4 COVID-19 Business Update *free* Pre-Recorded Webinar

December 4, 2020

Sign up here to gain access to our COVID-19 Business Update webinar with Gabby Luoma, CPA, CGMA, and CEO of MOD Ventures. In this COVID-19 Business update, we discuss how businesses are changing in light of COVID-19 closures, how businesses can succeed during this time, and what should business owners should keep in mind as we enter 2021. We also discuss how outsourced accounting can be a great help for your business during these times.

Included with the webinar is a free SWOT analysis for you to use as part of your end-of-year preparation. SWOT analyses are especially helpful for businesses who are looking to level up their business year after year. It prompts you to look at your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

We hope you enjoy this insightful conversation about our COVID-19 Business Update.

-Gabby & The MOD Ventures Team


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