Cash Flow Management & Projection

MOD Ventures helps businesses throughout Arizona with Accounting System Setup

As a new business owner, the word “accounting” is nightmarish to even think about. We understand that running a business is hard enough, let alone trying to learn to account for all of your money.

We have all been taught that cash is king, right?

What about the speed of money? As a business owner you may have noticed that sometimes as fast as it comes, it just as quickly turns around and goes back out. 

It’s frightening when you don’t quite understand or know how your business is really running. Your accounting system isn’t tight enough and you can’t get the right information let alone know where you will be financially in 3 months from now.

Cashflow management and projections are prepared to help plan and know exactly where you are and will predict your financial future.

Clients come to us when they have the following burning questions:

  • Can I afford the support that I need to reach our company goals?
  • How am I doing in comparison to last year financially and if I am overspending why?
  • How should I handle my PPP loan and do I have enough resources to pay my employees?
  • I have received investments from my investors and I need to know how far these funds will get us through our next milestones?
  • I have a grant and I have to get a bunch done with that financial commitment, how do I plan the spending?
  • I am worried about our cashflow and I am not sure what to do next?

It’s time to stop managing your cash flow by the balance in your checking account or shuffling around paper ledgers or even worse keeping a tally in your head.

We have the tools and expertise to help you manage your cash flow and project out your future financial picture. 

Are you done with feeling like you are in the dark regarding your finances? Great! Fill out the form below. 

We will prepare a customized plan to help you shed light on your financial situation today! 

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