Business Savvy Influencer Course

Transform your hobby into a profitable and manageable business.

MOD Ventures offers a Business Savvy Influencer course for new businesses in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ.

The Business Savvy Influencer is a course made specifically for new brands and influencers. Have you found that your hobby has started to make an income? BSI will take you step by step through the process of transforming your hobby into a legal business. Learn everything from setting up your EIN number, to getting started with accounting software, and understanding your tax return. Join our community of influencers and new businesses working towards becoming Business Savvy Influencers!

Course overview: 

Setting Up Your Business –

  • Discuss the different entity types that you can choose from in becoming a business.
  • Explain the terminology for each option available and the pros or cons of each type.
  • Show you how to file for your EIN number and who needs to be on your business team.
  • Additionally, We will be offering you an opportunity to consult with our business advisors during this module.

Setting Up Your QuickBooks File –

  • 100% of your business success will be in how you record and document within your business.
  • Focus on making sure you not only understand the expectations but can execute on your own.
  • Teach you how record keeping will also give you the ability to see your business’ financial progress.
  • Help you to find where you are growing your company and in what areas.
  • Decide whether or not you are profitable.
  • Identify the area(s) for improvement in your finances.

Understanding Your Tax Return –

  • Understand your Schedule C so that you can maximize deductions and understand liability.
  • Review the Schedule C document, line by line to explain what is needed at each line.
  • Inform you of all of your deduction and money-saving opportunities.
  • Explain how your Schedule C is factored into your Individual 1040 return.

Business and Productivity Applications –

  • We believe in the power of technology to simplify our lives and propel our businesses forward.
  • Review helpful accounting and business applications to automate and simplify your processes
  • Review life-changing productivity apps that will help you keep your business organized and on track for success.
Serving Clients Remotely

At MOD Ventures, we pride ourselves on our forward-focused and technology-driven practices. Being virtual allows us to always be exploring new software to make your life that much easier. All software that we deem necessary for you is included in your fixed price agreement, which makes navigating your finances that much easier. From automated expense tracking to automated data entry, we have you covered.

MOD Ventures serves clients locally and remotely.

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