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Entrepreneurship Uncovered is a podcast for business owners who like to shake things up. We will be bringing interviews with entrepreneurs where we talk about their journeys & best practices. We will also hear from our host, Gabby about her own experiences and advice on building a powerful and innovative practice!

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Influencer Marketing from an Agency’s Perspective w/ Debbie Friez

In this episode, we interview Debbie Friez from Top Rank Marketing. We discuss the rise of influencer marketing, thought leaders, and how to best utilize influencer marketing. Big thanks to Debbie for joining us and providing such wonderful insight in this episode. Her information is below! www.TopRankMarketing.com www.instagram.com/dfriez www.instagram.com/mod.ventures www.facebook.com/modventuresllc


How A Hobby Turned into a Business w/ De La Plants

Thank you for checking out this episode about how a hobby turned into a business with Becca De La Plants. We are so excited to be working together on our Business Savvy Influencer course that will help hobbyists turned business owners. This course is designed to decode and demystify business ownership specifically for influencers. Thanks again to Becca for joining us on this episode, you can find her socials linked below! www.instagram.com/delaplants www.youtube.com/beccadelaplants www.instagram.com/mod.ventures www.modventuresllc.com


How to STOP Avoiding Your Finances

Are you a financial avoider? You aren’t alone in this! However, it’s time to STOP avoiding your finances. Check out this podcast episode where Gabby discusses how to change your habits so you are no longer a financial avoider. When you avoid your finances, you are avoiding bad news, sure, but you are also avoiding GOOD news! Stop avoiding your finances and take steps to make your finances approachable and easy today! Follow us on Instagram: www.instagram.com/mod.ventures Like on Facebook: www.facebook.com/modventuresllc Check out our website: www.modventuresllc.com


What Small Businesses Should Know About Cash Flow

What is cash flow, and why should you care? Having a good handle on your cash flow is THE way to keep your business as happy as possible. Whether it be tracking your finances with QBO, or investing in your company with employees, equipment, and more! Solidifying your brand is also another great way to invest in your company. Do you wonder when you should take a paycheck from your company? It depends on the type of company you have. Hope this podcast is helpful for you to answers some of these questions! Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mod.ventures Like us on…


Why Employees Can’t Delegate & How You Can Help

Do you run into issues with delegating? It’s one of those parts of work that is pretty tough. In my video, 7 Things Business Owners Need to Stop Doing, delegating is one of the things that people needed to do. There are a lot of fears surrounding delegating, and they come down to two factors: outside and internal factors. If you or your employees struggle with perfectionism, you might find that delegation is extra difficult. This episode will help you break down those barriers to ensure a healthy and efficient workplace that encourages delegation. Follow us on Instagram: @mod.ventures www.instagram.com/mod.ventures Follow…


How You Can Start Multiple Streams of Revenue

Are you looking for ways to diversify your income? We suggest you start multiple streams of revenue. Check out this podcast episode to learn Gabby’s top tips for increasing your business revenue during trying times! Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Facebook Contact us for a consultation