23 09, 2020

10 Indicators of A Healthy Business in Phoenix

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Having a healthy business is about how you run your business. Healthy businesses are soulful and encourage creativity, connection, and big dreams. It cares for its workers and customers and values its purpose. There are ten signs of a healthy business (actually more, but we’ll settle on ten for now), and we’ve listed them below. [...]

17 09, 2020

How to STOP Avoiding Your Finances

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Are you a financial avoider? You aren't alone in this! However, it's time to STOP avoiding your finances. Check out this podcast episode where Gabby discusses how to change your habits so you are no longer a financial avoider. When you avoid your finances, you are avoiding bad news, sure, but you are also avoiding [...]

17 09, 2020

What a Virtual CFO Can Do for Your Tucson Business

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Small businesses need the right financial advice to continue growing, yet are often at a disadvantage because many cannot afford a full-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO). If your business is one of them, perhaps a virtual, partial CFO or vCFO could be useful instead. What can we, as a virtual CFO, do for your small [...]

9 09, 2020

Outsource Accounts Payable and Receivable for Maximum Savings

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Business owners view accounting as a necessary evil. It seems as if it is impossible to focus on the core aspects of your business. Fortunately, there is a solution! When you outsource accounts payable and receivable, you save money. Below are seven ways that outsourced accounts payable and receivable management will save your business [...]

4 09, 2020

What Small Businesses Should Know About Cash Flow

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What is cash flow, and why should you care? Having a good handle on your cash flow is THE way to keep your business as happy as possible. Whether it be tracking your finances with QBO, or investing in your company with employees, equipment, and more! Solidifying your brand is also another great way to [...]

2 09, 2020

Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan for Phoenix Business Owners

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The Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan is a great option for your small business. When it comes to setting up a retirement plan for your business, the options are endless. You should choose a plan that not only suits your business set up but also suits your retirement goals. Keep reading to learn more about [...]

27 08, 2020

Unemployment is Taxable: Everything Tucson Residents Need to Know

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Did you know that unemployment compensation is taxable? If you received unemployment benefits this year, then it is reportable on your 2020 Federal income tax return. This includes special unemployment compensation granted under the CARES Act earlier this year. To learn more about how unemployment is taxable, keep reading.  Why it Matters that Unemployment is [...]

26 08, 2020

Nexus Sales Tax: Info for Phoenix Business Owners

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Have you ever heard of Economic Nexus or Nexus Sales Tax? Nexus Sales Tax is the requirement for businesses to collect sales tax in states they are selling to. If you are an online business based out of Phoenix, keep reading. Nexus Sales Tax and What You Need to Know as a Phoenix Business Owner [...]

20 08, 2020

Why Employees Can’t Delegate & How You Can Help

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Do you run into issues with delegating? It's one of those parts of work that is pretty tough. In my video, 7 Things Business Owners Need to Stop Doing, delegating is one of the things that people needed to do. There are a lot of fears surrounding delegating, and they come down to two factors: outside [...]

19 08, 2020

Cash Flow management for Tucson Businesses

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Did you know that 82% of small businesses go out of business due to cash flow issues? Cash flow management is especially important to small businesses because they don't typically have a huge buffer zone when it comes to finances. If you are a Tucson business looking to have better cash flow management, keep [...]