You are a friend of mine….

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You are a friend of mine….

Yesterday we celebrated our grand re-opening with our Annual Open House to show off our new office! Ed Stolmaker, President & CEO, and Rebecca Kososkie, Membership Director, from the Marana Chamber of Commerce came to do a ribbon cutting!

I had the opportunity to say something to my friends, family, customers and my awesome team members that all gathered together to support our company. I looked around and was so humbled by the faces that I saw.  They all have been in my life in one capacity or another but certainly I call all these people my friends.

It hit me in that moment prior to cutting that pretty red ribbon how honored I was to be a part and truly included in their lives. I was again humbled.

During a car ride with a friend this week she explained that what she did changed lives. I wanted to jump up and down and say “Yes, Yes, Yes” because that has been such a huge eye opening experience for us too.

We have the privilege every day to change a person’s life. Yes, we use accounting skills and tax planning strategies as a tool to do it but without that true love for that person those things feel unimportant and more like a duty.

We focus everyday on our customers and their experience with us. We nurture the relationships. We pick our customers, just like we pick out our friends. It’s a mutual relationship that requires mutual care and respect. We all have faults and we all make mistakes it’s easy to share those with a friend where forgiveness and love are offered, worry is lifted and we all get to be human together.

My last blog was about the humanness of business which I feel like is forgotten in the digital age we live in. We use technology to help us with our jobs but it does not replace they need for a human when strategy, planning, or an ear to listen is needed. Software programs generally offer no care, relief of fear, or even a hug.

As a CPA I have been through at least 10 divorces, 7 parental deaths, 1 child’s death, 4 spousal deaths, 6 new babies, hundreds of home purchases, 20 short sales or foreclosures, many business startups and several business closures, business sales and business succession plans. I have wiped tears, given hugs, and sometimes cried myself.

We are human and we go through everything with our friends. We experience our lives together and make a difference in many ways. We may deal with numbers, but the people are where it’s at for us! You are more than a number one to us…

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