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Who’s talking?

who's talkingSo I normally wouldn’t buy into the whole gossip girl thing. I believe that if you focus on what you have to do, you know that it is your God-given direction and you are doing what you love, it does not matter what people say.


That is a true statement and I agree with it 100%.


Where this blog post comes from are two different situations that I hear about most. I hear it from your customer.


“They don’t know what I owe them so I have to make sure I watch every little thing they do because I get duplicate invoices all the time” is one scenario.




“I would really like to get paid on time but my customer can’t seem to keep up with their own books. I know they have the money but I haven’t been paid.”


So this is a problem, don’t you agree?


It’s a proven that if one person says it “out loud” then there are more customers/vendors that are thinking the same thing.


So, you know this, right? You know that there is a problem but you justify it by saying but “we deliver on what we said we would do”. You justify the sloppy books. You justify the late payments and expect everyone to just roll with it. Maybe this is the reason why you don’t get paid either? You have no systems and you make excuses for everyone in your life.



Ouch! That hurts! But if this is you and it’s the truth you don’t have to live like this. Your business image is at stake and it’s important to all the people you work with whether vendors and customers. It’s time to set an example.


Here are a whole list of excuses I have heard over time….Wake Up


  • I don’t like paperwork
  • I am not good with numbers
  • I am too busy to do it
  • They won’t pay me on time anyways
  • I have done it this way for X years
  • I am afraid to change
  • I can’t afford to get help
  • I want to run away and hide in the forest


Okay, so I have heard them all and I have to tell you that most of that stuff is ALL IN YOUR HEAD.


There are many, many ways to get the job done but the more excuses you have the harder it is for you to do what you need to do! Just do it.


So if I am preaching to the choir here and your records are in great shape or you are really here to learn something new. That’s great! Either works for me. My purpose is to motivate change either way.


So, here is the kicker. We can help you with everything I wrote above. We can even help you run away and take a vacation. Imagine that?


Its time to stop with the excuses. We have a whole team of professionals that can help you regardless of which situation you come. Call our office TODAY!

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