What is your Why?

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What is your Why?

All small businesses have obstacles. Regulation, competition and our own hangups all could potentially be large roadblocks to getting a business up and running. That’s why so few Startups make it past 3 years and even fewer make it past 5 years.

One could argue that as a business gets there sea legs they forget the very reason why they started their business. It’s easy to do. The everyday grind is not easy. You don’t go home at night to just leave it all behind you. That doesn’t happen to small business owners because you are responsible for the whole thing.

So, my best business advice surprisingly has nothing to do with accounting or taxes although those things are important. I will go one step further you will suck as a business owner and you won’t need to really worry about tax liability because you will be broke. No, my big advice is to know why you are in business. Why are you doing it? Why is it important to you? Why is it important to your customers?

Business owners use their passion to fulfill their why.

I just went through a journey to discover my why. I started this business 8 years ago with the idea that I wanted to help business owners but as time ticked on I forgot that was my primary focus. Call it marketing or thinking about my niche I realized that I best meet the needs of small business owners or those that have business property. I was doing things I wasn’t passionate about and have had to prune a little while I grew the areas that I was passionate about.

My why is ever evolving but my initial reason for going into business NEVER changed. So here is my why further explained in a very simple sentence.

We offer innovative accounting and tax solutions to simplify business owner’s lives.

What is your Why?

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