Virtual World – Part 3 of 3

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Virtual World – Part 3 of 3

Virtual World Part 3 of 3

Change, sell or die

I have seen company’s completely sell out because they no longer wanted to keep up with the technology and what it takes to switch to this new way of thinking. The public accounting world is no different. We learn about all these new things at conferences all the time but only a few are embracing the change. This has severely impacted their firms and they run the risk of losing customers and becoming irrelevant.

Technology is often thought of in a negative or positive light depending on what side of the aisle you walk on. I have started moving to a model which requires technology to be a part of the conversation. Whether it’s purchased or not it is discussed because it will help with the level of customer service I want to provide. We, both, the customer and I will have real time information which will enable me to discuss issues with the customer sooner. We can tax plan sooner and have a deeper relationship now instead of just around tax time when I am at my most stressed.

I began this business in 2004 with the real excitement to provide great quality accounting and tax services to individual and small business owners. I wanted to take the stress out of their lives and help them reach their goals. I am happy to say that I still feel this way and have found a better way to do this over time. Our company has a very strong commitment to help others in proven methods that we have tried ourselves. We want success and so therefore we learn all we can in order to make our customers successful! We haven’t changed our focus as a company, we just changed our methods.

If you need help with this transition, we are willing and ready! Just as we have changed out methods we can help you too! Your accounting department will never be the same……..


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