Virtual World – Part 2 of 3

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Virtual World – Part 2 of 3

Virtual World Part 2 of 3

A world without paper.

Paperless is the only way to go! But I like paper! Guess what?  Your customers don’t. We live in a world where we receive our invoices online, pay our bills online and receive our receipts through email. Before online banking our accounting processes were twice as long. We pushed paper from one desk to the next and sometimes lost it. We did data input and printed checks and then licked the envelope to walk it to the post office box or even worse drove it to the post office. We walked federal tax deposits to the bank. For a small company these processes could be overwhelming and we wasted valuable time that we could have been better serving the customer. But we did it because this is the way it was always done before without asking ourselves if there was a better way. It’s more expensive and not efficient.

Going paperless is a huge part in doing away with all those cumbersome processes and reducing the time spent. Your increase in efficiency will mean more time spent doing the things you enjoy most. If you want to increase your business, hang out with your family or travel more you have the time to do it.

Being willing to go paperless is the first step to living in a virtual world.

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