To Sell or Not to Sell, This is the question???

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To Sell or Not to Sell, This is the question???

The question of whether to sell or not to sell is an incredibly important one. It’s not a matter of selling or is it? I think we shy away from it but if you are an incredibly conscientious service provider you know that if you sell someone something they don’t need then there will be an unhappy customer down the road. That’s why the most important question is whether you sell or you match needs to services?

If you match needs to resources the conversation is different. Why? Without a conversation, you do not know if your services are needed or if you even click with that particular customer. There is an incredibly different scenario that happens when you provide services. The humanness has to creep in otherwise you will be lacking in a future relationship.

Connection! Yes, we must connect and with so many different people, personalities, goals, aspirations and generations it is harder than ever but we must none the less connect! We could talk all day about targeting those connections but that is a whole other story. The bottom-line you must connect with the customer.

How? You must only listen, ask good questions and possibly prolong the selling experience. It takes longer but you will have fit yourself also to the customer which ensures a longer relationship.

So you see it’s not really selling its learning to fit yourself and your services to each situation in a very unique way. Your company and customers will all benefit from your thoughtful courting and everyone will prosper.

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