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The Next Generation Anything

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The next generation anything: any product or service delivered to the world is going to be the best dang collaborative team who can deliver the best dang product or service to anywhere from anywhere.

This is a 50,000 foot view of where the world is headed.

We are no longer small-town USA. Although your company culture can be friendly, neighborly, and seemingly from small-town, it will no longer all be developed in one place. Technology has been tearing down the walls of location since the internet boom and has rapidly increased as the world has gotten smaller.

Corporate businesses already know this. They know that by spreading out function, knowledge and skill they are more competitive. They know that if they are looking for very specialized skill, they have a better chance of finding it and moving quickly into the next innovative idea.

As emerging companies start to learn from their competitors, they have learned to be more agile. The more flexible they can be, the quicker they can surpass their current competitive and go on to win the race.

There is something a smaller company can always do better than an overly stuffed bureaucratic corporation: they can move faster.


Start Thinking Big

dream big

Many business owners start out with a small goal. I was one of them, so I get it. I had no idea the potential of my ideas.

When you limit possibilities you also limit your future potential.

So, here are a few tips to help with moving your company world-wide.

  1. Identify what you want.

Decide what your vision is and start solving for X. If you don’t know what you want, then no one else will either. Like mom always said, no one can read your mind!

  1. Identify what you need.

Looking for the right people, partnerships and maybe manufacturers is difficult, but if you pay attention and do some research you will start to see who stands out in your niche. Start looking for the same names that keep showing up and see if you can connect. They will likely give you some great insight and tools to help you even if you all decide not to formally work together.

  1. Identify the needs/pain points of your ideal customer.

Study your customer. Research is everywhere. There is no reason why you can’t understand all of this and more about the people you want to serve, or provide a product. Sometimes we forget to do this. We fall in love with the product and don’t allow our customers to identify the value. Your customer will tell you what’s important. Listen to them.

By the way, these are all strategies you should do anyway regardless of which direction you plan to go. This is SOLID business advice.
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