The Evolution of a Business Card

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The Evolution of a Business Card

I am tasked today of deciding how and if I want to change my business card. We are moving locations and generally when you move you have to change all those things that include all your contact information.

Our business card has changed about five times over the 8 years that I have been in business. They represent the evolution of this firm. I used to feel kind of silly that I haven’t been able to pick something and stay with it longer but now I see it as my willingness to change and evolve into something different.

I started with a traditional CPA firm style and have evolved into a next generation CPA firm. The traditional firm although useful, friendly and efficient, it just wasn’t my style. I have always been told that I am different but with a traditional firm paradigm it was difficult to be different.

I now know that in order to be different, I have to think different (stolen from Steve Jobs) and that different is what’s actually going to keep my company alive. Being different may turn off some people but others will see it as brilliant!

I am still stuck on what my card should look like but I am thinking it should reflect how different we are and encapsulate my “why” (why I do what I do). Simplification is more my why today than ever before so when I am done with this new business card it will be simple.


The card just may simply say:

Gabby Luoma, CPA, CGMA

I simplify business owners’ lives every day, FaceBook and @GabrielleLuoma on Twitter


Some people may hate it but I think others will get it!

It’s simple!

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