The Best Hiring Advice for Arizona Business Owners

The Best Hiring Advice for Arizona Business Owners

When was the last time you hired a person expecting them to be your office manager, accountant, CPA, receptionist, tax planner, human resource department, payroll department, accounts receivable and accounts payable and an expert IT Specialist?

Ummmm hmmmm.. Exactly! This is not an overstatement.

Small business owners put an immense amount of pressure on the staff that are hired. You are hoping for the “one” that can do it all and be it all, but when it comes down to it, they will fail.

It’s not fair to your valued staff and employees because they can NEVER meet all those expectations. Don’t get me wrong, they want to, but it’s just not reasonable.

These unreasonable expectations are a problem. Your staff are scared to tell you they CAN’T do it ALL and try to do it all. Burnout happens, and it’s a vicious cycle.

In order to make a company work you need a team! Experts that know what they are doing will a.) cost you less in the long run b.) provide better advice c.) will feel like a better investment.

Experts know what they are doing. They usually don’t have to learn it although research may be in order. They know when and where to dive in. Starting from scratch is time consuming and pricey. Spinning wheels are missed opportunities and also takes away from an employee really adding value to something they already know.

For Example: You have an employee that does well at marketing but you want them to do your accounting also, those are very different skill sets. It will take longer to train an employee to do this than to just hire someone else to do it. An expert.

Investing into education is great, It’s actually wonderful if you’re investing into people strengths. You have a great marketer? Invest more into them being even better. It’s their gift to your company. Let them use it for your benefit.

Investing in experts will also bring much more value into the organization. Experts such as our CPA firm, bring experience as well as book knowledge. Chances are we have dealt with all kinds of different situations and we can lend handy advice and/or take it off your hands all together.

We have a Team. We have the resources within the team to handle all those different job skills needed. We also know when it’s time to bring in other team members like insurance providers, lawyers and financial advisors.

Find a team that will not only support you but grow your company. Know what you want and go after it, but first build a Team.

Contact us if you have any questions or need help being a team builder!


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