Strategy, Creativity and Heart. Passion Collides with Common Sense.

//Strategy, Creativity and Heart. Passion Collides with Common Sense.

Strategy, Creativity and Heart. Passion Collides with Common Sense.

How does one combine the three traits of Strategy, Creativity and Heart? Well, here are just a few ideas on how and what you need to think about when trying to be creatively strategic in your pursuit of greatness.

Strategy, Creativity and Heart.Identify right from wrong

This is sometimes a little gray for some folks. We want to save taxes and not pay more than legally required is a common theme. I agree. There are dozens of ways to save money on your taxes. In fact, if I work with you it’s likely you will save thousands over the span of our relationship and results like this aren’t just about preparing the taxes. It’s much, much more than that.

In a recent educational seminar I was involved in a banker mentioned a business owners credibility and willingness to manage their finances as a major part of why a bank loans money to them. They have a track record of integrity.

A part of a business owner’s creative strategy is to show themselves dependable and reliable to not just their customers but also to vendors and their financial team. We can do so much more for a business person who has integrity.

All business relationships should provide value

This is the way of business. John Maxwell, a leadership guru, has phrased this type of relationship as the Law of Addition. Are you adding value to others, to your team, to your customers?

Being in business is not about being selfish, hogging all the cash and basically destroying people to get to where one wants to be. The Hollywood version of entrepreneurship is not how the majority of companies act.

There are many, many companies that are formed to have two sides to them, a non-profit and a for-profit motive. TOMS is a really great example. For every shoe that’s purchased they donate a pair. Now that’s truly adding value to the world and making a difference in someone’s life.


When you get a clear picture of why you do what you do all the other details fall into place. In Simon Sinek, Start with Why the concept of WHY rocked the business world and perhaps turned a few marketing laws upside down. His idea is that people do business with why you do business, not the how. I spent a lot of money on telling people we can do their accounting faster and that we are very creative about how we do the work and honestly no one has ever asked me why I do it?

No one cares about your process. Yes, I said it, they don’t care. They want to see your passion for what you do. They want to see you excited about your product or service and then deliver what you promised. They want to see value and part of your value is WHY.

Everything you do should have a purpose

If you are a technology company your accounting department should reflect your values and beliefs as a business owner. Your tax strategy should speak progressive and prepared. Your invoicing should be electronic with the ability to pay electronically. Your bill paying should be paperless.

Don’t treat your company like the neglected stepchild. Don’t be like the cobbler whose children wait and wait for repaired shoes. Be purposeful with your plan for your business and your life. In this day of “googling it” there are solutions to be had so don’t fall into the rut and forget your purpose and your strategy that goes with it.

ChangeStrategy, Creativity and Heart.

Yes, I used the four-letter word that is really 6 but who’s counting. CHANGE you must. You have to. It’s dangerous not to change…. to your business, to your skills and to your life.

If you know that a two lane road is going to merge into a one lane road would you just out of pure stubbornness refuse to change lanes? NO, that’s stupid. You would die. And people will look at you like your crazy because that is insane.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Quit banging your head against the wall. Change your strategy. Use your Creativity. Don’t forget to use your heart.

These are all the things I think that as you are on your journey you really, really need. Being is business owner is fun and exciting but if you are not careful you forget about the things that really do make you happy.

Your art is a God-given gift. Your strategy, your creativity and your heart all must be shown to the world so that you make a difference.

Zig Ziglar said it best “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

It’s just that simple.

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