In this day and age of technology, it is time you stop wasteful practices and join a firm that is dedicated to providing its clients with the latest and greatest technologies.  At the office of Gabrielle M. Luoma, CPA, PLLC, you will feel refreshed to know that with use of our new technologies, such as our cloud desktops and client portals, you will be able to access your essential documents at the click of a mouse.  With these capabilities you no longer have to drop-off and pickup paperwork and flash drives, instead you can log in to your cloud desktop or client portal and instantly access up-to-date financial reports, QuickBook files, and any other documents you might need.  Additionally, with our fixed price agreement (FPA), you don’t have to worry about being nickel and dimed by the classic hourly billing method. The FPA allows us to customize a service package that fits your needs and wants so you will know exactly what your weekly, monthly, or quarterly bill will be in advance.  Stop wasting your time and money and outsource your accounting and taxation so you can pursue what matters to you.

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