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This term has come up several times in the last few weeks. I was thinking about several things in my life and as I was walking past my oven in my kitchen for some reason the word came to my mind. New year’s resolutions and change generally cause one to stop and re-think things through. Whether it be rethinking bad habits or getting new ones, we recalculate and bring in a new perspective.

Our Wii has a health module to it and I never stand on it… I can’t handle the truth but my daughter will venture to see what it says. The Wii declares so nicely “recalculating” just reminding you to stand still so that it doesn’t have to keep recalculating your measurements. Recalculating in this instance means stand still.

We also have a GPS and I am navigationally impaired. I can’t give directions very well without drawing pictures and I don’t receive directions very well without a visual tool. My GPS is wonderful in that it gives the visual and the verbal tool but honestly I still have trouble sometimes getting to my desired destination. At times, she has to tell me that I went too far and she has to recalculate my route for me. I am so grateful that she puts me back on the right track and gets me to my final destination.

In life, we have those times when we need to stop and re-think what we are doing. It’s not a bad thing to re-evaluate, in fact it’s good. If you never stop and look up you may end up in a place you don’t want to be. Recalculating or readjusting your destination is not a sign of weakness or failure; it’s a sign of strength and wisdom.

I believe so much in this principle and we as a firm spend a lot of time re-thinking, evaluating and looking at what we are doing. We spend a lot of time with our customers discussing and implementing a new accounting designs, new systems and tax strategies. Things change and so must your systems and plans…. If you are struggling coming up with a new plan or just need help with tweaking it let us know!

We are experts at recalculating and helping you and your business get to the final destination of your dreams!

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