Here ye, Here ye! We have a new brand…. and it’s cool, chick and awesome. Is that what my new logo screams!

gmlcpa logo

I hope so. That’s what every rebranding of a company should do but it isn’t just a new look, it’s a new attitude!

When considering a rebrand you should think about a few things….

First and foremost, I would say to take a look at your image and see if this is REALLY screaming the personality of the firm. My old logo was nice but it represented an older style more traditional feeling firm. I wanted a fresh remake of who and what we represent!

Second, I changed the name from Gabrielle Luoma, CPA Pllc to the short length MOD Ventures, Pllc. Honestly, we live in a world that shortens everything. We talk in text more these days and OMG it just seemed like it was too long to write.

In changing the name I also wanted to take some of the emphasis off of me as the Sole Practitioner CPA. If you been around awhile you know I have a team of helpers. These are well-qualified, hard working professionals that contribute to your success too.They are all great and deserve to be more in the spotlight.


Lastly, I wanted to attract customers who liked our philosophy. Everyone has a business philosophy spoken or unspoken. Your brand is either created by you or created by others so I thought about it and decided I wanted a clean simple fresh logo created by me.

Rebranding is definitely not as easy as I thought it would be…. I had no idea that I would have to think about the whole WHY of my company. It was challenging but I think we have a great brand logo that reflects who we are as a company!

That’s business hard and real but always rewarding……

I have a great team of advisors…. if you like the new brand and need some help re-inventing your look let me know. I can direct you in the right direction!

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