QuickBooks Online Accounting, Why do I need it? You Can Use the QB Marketplace

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QuickBooks Online Accounting, Why do I need it? You Can Use the QB Marketplace


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If you’ve ever wondered why you need QuickBooks Online Accounting, you should check out the advantages of the QB Marketplace. The advantages to using QuickBooks online are many, including mobile functionality, which could let you be able to do such things as capture receipts on a smartphone, an affordable price, being able to share information easily with your accountant, scheduling and sending invoices automatically, phone support, and more.

The Mobile Functionality is Great

With QuickBooks online, there are more than 300 cloud-based apps to make your life easier. You will be able to do accounting for your business anywhere. Whenever you have a spare minute you can run payroll, reconcile accounts, send invoices, and do more on your phone. The number of functions you can perform remotely is surprising, and all you need to capture a receipt on your smartphone is snap a picture of it. You will be able to attach it to any transaction, using a QuickBooks mobile app.

The Automation Will Make Your Life Easier

According to the QuickBooks webpage, 75 % of customers get more work done online. This is partially because of automation features, such as sending and scheduling invoices automatically. You can also download and categorize bank transactions, which will greatly reduce the amount of data entry needed. It will also streamline the accounting processes.

You will be able to get free access to the latest features, upgrades, and products and free data-encrypted back-ups.

The QB Marketplace Will Help You Save Money

An article in Business News Daily,Quickbooks Online Review: Best Small Business Accounting Software”, stated the QuickBooks offers the “best and most affordable paid packages and services for different types of businessesof all accounting software reviewed, with prices starting at only $9.99/month for one user, with access possible for up to 5 users.

In addition, users can save more than the Desktop version for bank download transactions, phone support, updates, cloud hosting, and annual upgrades.

Share Your Information Easily With Your Accountant

QuickBooks Online has all the features accountants recommend. Share information with yours easily through an instant file. This will allow accountants to see your books for free without counting that toward the number of users in a business’s plan. Collaboration and coordination between accountants and business is streamlined.

Phone Support

You will receive free phone support with QuickBooks Online. With SaaS solutions, the IT support staff can usually remotely help and repair software issues with little problem.

When IT teams solve problems on-premises solution, if the problem is in-house, they have to call phone support themselves. Because of free phone support, small business owners will be able to efficiently and quickly bypass accounting issues. Your business will continue to remain productive during the process.

There Are Many Time-Saving Features

The time-saving features QuickBooks provides are truly amazing. Some have been mentioned already.

QuickBooks automates numerous tasks, making accounting less stressful and less time-consuming for small business owners. You will be able to automate bank and credit card transactions, recurring invoices, and bill payments.

In addition, you can categorize expenses and reconcile them without having to manually do so for every single transaction. In addition, because of the wide collection of built-in reports, you won’t have to create reports from scratch.

Data is backed up automatically, saving you from worries about the safety of your books or concerns of whether they are up-to-date. In addition, you have email invoices, for quicker payment, and more than more than 150 third-party apps. These allow e-commerce, email marketing, payment processors, payroll services, time tracking, and more.

For more information on the advantages of QuickBooks Online Accounting, feel free to contact us.

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