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Unrivaled Tax Preparation Services in Southern Arizona

Most people don’t know that thousands of “tax preparers” across the country are not actually certified by the state.   A tax preparer is a broad definition that could range from a family friend who prepares taxes to somebody who has had two months of training down at the corporate cookie-cutter tax preparation office.  Many tax preparers and corporate employees advertise themselves as if they were a certified public accountant, but this is often not the case! When you partner with a qualified certified public accountant like Gabrielle Luoma, you get the benefit of assurance and personalized attention.

Did you know that when you decide to save a few bucks and have your taxes prepared by a major corporation they will not be there year-round?  After the April 15th deadline, the “local” office is shutdown and it is nearly impossible to speak and get assistance from the person who prepared you taxes.  At the office of Gabrielle M. Luoma, CPA, PLLC, you get year-round assistance with a personal touch that nobody in the greater Tucson area can rival. You might not think that the personalized year-round service is necessary, until you have the IRS chasing you down for a mistake on your return or worse, an audit.

Not only does Gabby offer tax preparation services, we can help you with tax planning, estimated tax payment calculations and assistance dealing with the dreaded IRS.  Going further, Gabby offers a wide range of accounting services with the same personal touch that the big accounting conglomerates cannot match.  If you are in the Southern Arizona area and need your taxes prepared, look no further and partner with a CPA who knows how to maximize your bottom line, get you the best refund possible, and works with you to achieve your greatest potential.  Don’t just believe me that Gabby and her staff offer unrivaled accounting and taxation services, but visit our testimonials page and see for yourself why Gabrielle M. Luoma, CPA, PLLC is the best choice for you.

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