Not the Typical CPA!

//Not the Typical CPA!

Not the Typical CPA!

CPA’s typically are locked in their offices for the first four months of the year and then hide several weeks after as to regain some brain cells. I admit this is pretty true for me too. After 60 hour work weeks, with intensity and pressure of a time-line breathing down your neck, a brief rest is a necessary part of life.

As the season progressed, I couldn’t help but think of so many wonderful things that I wanted to do. Personally, I thought of vacation spots and time with my kids and husband and the opportunities to reconnect with my friends. Professionally, I thought about how I would connect with my clients more regularly, develop relationships with other business owners and in general, social media.

So, I recognize the fact that I defy all those CPA cliches of being all numbers, scared to connect with people and well to put it nicely, a personality-less bean counter. Everything I listed above were ways I enjoy connecting with people.

Overall, accounting is my profession but I am not a typical accountant!

Stay tuned for some innovative ideas from your a-typical CPA coming sooner than you think!

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