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Not Just Taxes!

Today, I was hanging out with some friends at a cheer competition. Our daughters cheer together at Mountain View High School and they watched my baby daughter when I was just starting my business in 2004. We have been friends a long time.

Among all the other conversation we were able to do in-between performances; she asked me if I tell people how I am different from H&R Block. I couldn’t help but smile. I work tirelessly to not only differentiate myself from the tax return factories but also other CPA’s.

It was a good question and one I must answer!

I am not about tax preparation only. I am about compliance and reporting, revenue and cash-flow analysis. I am about relationship and long-term advice and helping small business owners and entrepreneurs that love creating new things to be successful. I am about being here all year long, technology advances and customer service. These all seem like buzzwords that people like to pack into advertising but this are truly who we are!

If you want more than a tax return, our firm will be right for you! We are working tirelessly to be more for you!

If you’re curious follow me on Twitter @GabrielleLuoma or on FaceBook @gmlcpa. You will see for yourself how different we are and that there is no comparison.

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