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A No B.S. Book Review!

A Book Review for No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs



This is a no nonsense book review about the book title! Since this is a no holds barred book this review will follow the lead and give it to you straight!

Time management! Most entrepuners suck at it!  We waste our time talking around the water cooler, Doing tasks that don’t matter and pushing paper! Why? Why? And again why? Well, Dan says because you don’t have a good understanding of how much our time is worth!

For example,  I had the same conversation with an engineer about 6 months ago.  Brilliant man who was able to invent stuff, but thought his time was better spent inputting his accounts receivables onto a spreadsheet and managing that all himself! Why you ask? Because he believed he was the only one that could do the task!

This happens all the time, maybe not to this extreme but it happens and sadly they miss the opportunity boat!

So how to avoid time management blunders such as the one described? DELEGATE!  Yes, pay someone to do it. Find a student, a child, a neighbor or a very well educated person to take over the tasks that are stopping you from doing money making tasks!

Believe me we can only be good at so many things and the more you pile on your desk to do the more your dream of being self employed will die! It’s a rat race and unless you mange your time and priorities well you will not be successful you’ll just be tired!

There were a few more take-always:

  1. Get a VIP phone list and only answer for those few on the list! The rest of the calls must wait until you can get a free scheduled moment to call back! NEVER take unscheduled calls! Dan says your wearing a “kick me sign” if you do!
  2. Make lists and work off of them, make sure whatever you delegate is on a different one so you can follow up!
  3. Keep learning so that you have more value to offer our clients! You can’t do this if you don’t manage your time!
  4. Read alot, be unique, make the demand on your time very high to push up the value and much, much more…….

I got alot from this book and it was packed with tons of great education. I was introduced to his consulting while reading the Success magazine which I would also highly recommend.

As always, I am up for a good challenging read that excites me and helps me better help you! I like the “hurts so good” business advise that people rarely give because they are afraid to hurt your feelings! Well, I given and been given that kind of advice and it never helped anyone so giving it to you straight is the best way I know how to help your bottom line! Hope you enjoyed it!

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