Moving on up!

//Moving on up!

Moving on up!

This week was a pretty exciting week in our office. We made a decision about 3 months ago to change our office location. Although, it suited us well for the 6 years, it was time to look for something that was different. We wanted our office to reflect our fresh and new ideas.

Over the last 8 years, the firm has been in two locations, my house and this office complex. The home office was just the beginning. I had a laptop and a printer and that’s how I started my business. I was pretty mobile and my files were limited to a small file cabinet. In 2007, we moved out of my home office and started the next phase. It grew and so did the filing cabinets.

It’s funny how in our homes and business we accumulate all kinds of things that are meaningless. I had boxes of stuff I could shred or throw out that I never looked at or used but kept around just in case. I paid for storage space, labor to organize and now to get rid of it. I can now tell you that having all this stuff is expensive and did nothing to help the focus or vision of the firm.

As we went through everything I could target the period of time when we started and stopped certain things. I could see the progression from paper to electronic, from time keepers to practice management software and from printing and copying tax files to the paperless system. I could even pinpoint when my customer base changed. The biggest observation of all was although the internal systems and how we did the work changed my focus and desire to create a unique and special experience to the customer has never gone off course. So some things never change…..

I have to say that moving has made me reflect more on where we are going instead of thinking about where we have been. I am most definitely a visionary. It’s my personality and the culture of this firm. The most awesome thing about this is that our space now reflects this dynamic and futuristic business that can boast about having less clutter. We are a simplified and lean company ready to move into the next phase of our business.

Mobile and ready, this is the next generation CPA firm!

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  1. Jed Lightcap December 4, 2012 at 9:17 pm

    Congratulations! Tucson needs more nimble CPAs – advisors who focus on the client and not the billable hour.

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