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Life. Business. Balance. Accounting. Simple.

There are times in my life when I want things to just be simpler. I have two daughters and a very busy work schedule and most of the time my family life and business life collide. All business owners have this happen. Growing a business is not easy, not simple and you rarely find balance but that’s LIFE.

I read an article about a week ago talking about how if you are 5 years into your business and still working as hard or harder then you were your first 3 years then you are doing something wrong. No one likes to hear that. We all want to make excuses, say that all business owners work incredible amount of hours and don’t have a life with their family.

I REJECT that view point.

I believe that as a business owner you are going to work hard BUT you at some point learn to work on the things that make sense for you to do, what you are passionate about and what you can make money doing.

There are dozens of things you can do to open your time up so that you are more productive. Here are a few things you can outsource (basically not do yourself) that will make your life more simple.

  1. Get rid of admin work by reducing mail, paper and filing. Everyone is going paperless. You will save time, money and the need to store all that mess.
  2. Outsource your accounting function. Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Tax compliance can all be given to your accountant and half the cost of hiring a full-time or even a part time person in some cases. Don’t become an accountant. Become a better lawyer, architect, designer or veterinarian.
  3. Marketing tasks. Updating your blogs, writing blogs and even newsletters can be updated by contract employees. They will do it better than you ever thought possible so the small cost is worth it.

We specialize in simplifying business owner’s lives…. We are designers of systems mainly accounting systems and we get rid of all the dysfunctional processes that cost you money. We are passionate about helping you live the life you want and work so hard to achieve.

Live your life more simple.

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  1. Dan Griffiths January 29, 2013 at 9:33 pm

    Great article! There’s a coach I know who uses the slogan Better it, Barter it, or Bag it. I love your three suggestions of things that we can do to simply either through outsourcing (accounting or other tasks) or making it better (going paperless).

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