Lessons from the Wilderness

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Lessons from the Wilderness

Although The Wilderness is a scary unchartered territory, it can be a very strange mixture of beauty and danger that dazzles and brings out the best in you. It’s a new revelation that brings excitement and fear all at once. It is a place where you come to heal from times of brokenness.

Lessons from the Wilderness

Why are these lessons so important to learn from, you ask? These are the lessons of life. They build character and help you be a better person. Life has a way of cutting through the crap and makes you deal with some of those shortcomings you wish you didn’t have. You either accept the lesson or have to learn it later but maybe much more painful next time.

So here are a few lessons I have learned over the years in similar wildernesses.

  • You will experience excitement, fear and anticipation.
  • New ideas come from the wilderness experiences and propel you into the proverbial promise land which means processes start to click, you find a new way to deliver a product or service or meet a new need of a customer. Think mad scientist working in the lab!
  • Nothing stays the same so times in the wilderness are required to come back with a greater, better version of you. Think new version of IPhone5!
  • You examine where you are now and where you want to go. This requires you to get a vision and be committed to that vision no matter what. Be a visionary!
  • The wilderness makes you deal with your aversion to change. Think positive change!
  • The wilderness brings out the insecurities you put away for a while so you can deal with them in a better way. Again focus on the positive!

Lessons from the Wilderness

So what do you need on this journey through your wilderness?

  • You need a strong network of friends, associates and partners.
  • You need a few people who you can share with how you are “really” feeling.
  • You need people around you that are generating new ideas and growth for their companies so you can learn from them.
  • You need to sleep more, eat less sugar and go for walks because your mental wellbeing is MORE important than anything else.

A CPA talking about how to be successful in life and business, OMG how could I possibly understand? I laugh because it’s so weird. I am a business owner/entrepreneur too. Being human is part of life. You have to breathe and deal with the mental battles daily and to not recognize this is just foolish.

We all experience times of trouble, aloneness and brokenness. Adding the role of business owner is just another arena that we throw our hats into. We willing put ourselves out there to the public, our customers and peers. It’s enough pressure to push you into another wilderness experience if you think about it too long.

Some of our best customers have come to us during wilderness experiences. They are alone, afraid and insecure. They have no direction and have lost the vision. Although we are not psychologists we can at least encourage you to start making some right steps towards your goals and can help along the way.

We focus on the simplicity for the business owner and leave the complexity to us. Give us a call if you are swatting flies and bears are after you! We can definitely help!

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