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Lately I have been pondering the idea of home. Home to me is family, and everyone being accepted for who they are; it is comfortable. Like anything, It is also hectic with events and obligations. There are highs and lows. Such challenges and pressures are usually accompanied by solutions and laughter. It’s much like business.


If you follow me on FaceBook personally you will see that I have been on an organizational kick. My family was baffled and my husband was worried I was pregnant with all the nesting! NO WAY am I pregnant!

My goals professionally require me to be organized, scheduled, and well, on time. This is kind of funny. My Dad would always laugh because I never wore a watch and had no regard for time. I am more creative so I don’t like some restrictions like time but I am seeing how setting timelines, breaking things down into steps and effective time management is helping my team and I. I guess I am flexible like that.

Sometimes in a world of chaos, we seek those who are familiar and organized.

To my surprise, Chris Brogan hit what I was feeling in his latest blog: http://chrisbrogan.com/build-home/.

If you follow Chris, you will know that he has transformed his life and took control over his health. In his blog post he states that the battle of who we are starts at home. We, as a generation, are still trying to figure out some things. The unstable world has thrown us a few curve balls and we are a doubting and skeptical bunch.


When it comes to business owners, deciding who you are is a journey, but it starts with home. The words “owning your life” is something I deal with everyday. As an owner, you have to “own up” to where you are right now. Henry Cloud writes in Boundaries for Leaders that you are “RIDICULOUSLY” in charge.

You are in charge of your today, your tomorrow and your future. If you don’t like where you are, then you have the capability to change it. You also have the capability to keep doing what you are doing and be less than satisfied. Owning your business means you are saying “I take responsibility,” and I have a plan, a strategy.

Chris’s tagline:

You can’t own your business until you own your life.  I equip owners.

DITTO. This is how I feel about my business…but it’s more than this. We don’t just equip business owners. We equip people who take ownership over their lives. It’s a profound statement. People are people and I happen to see more folks that take responsibility for their finances. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that enhances the life of others. I find it to be a very high calling “to make a difference” and I gain much satisfaction from it.

So, as Chris said, build your house. Get yourself in order. If you don’t know how, you need to find people who will help you. *Hint hint* we do this!

We do accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and sales taxes but that’s NOT ALL. We take it further. We do tax planning and strategic long-term planning. We collaborate with retirement folks so we can build great retirement plans and benefits packages (which usually keeps owners and employees happy). We work with marketing professionals and lawyers. We are strategic planners. We design accounting systems, streamline processes and make stuff happen!

AND we want to work with people who want to make it happen. Own it! Be a revolutionary in your field and change lives…That’s an ideal customer for me!

Call me! We will change the world together, and most important: we will help you build your home!

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