How to Use Your CPA for More than Just Taxes

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How to Use Your CPA for More than Just Taxes

Savvy business owners use a Certified Public Accountant to help with their taxes, knowing that training and experience can help to dramatically boost tax savings. But a good CPA is more than just a tax advisor—he or she is a business expert who can help with a range of financial and business development concerns. If you’re interested in learning more about the types of assistance a CPA can offer, consider these tips:

  • Budgets and Business Planning: Whether you’ve just launched a new business or own an existing corporation, seeking the advice of an experienced CPA can be very helpful in establishing realistic budgets and benchmarks for your business. A strategic plan can make the difference between success and failure in today’s marketplace; a CPA can help you set business goals, establish checkpoints to measure progress, and take measures to encourage growth within your company.

  • Profit and Cost Assessment: In order to understand and improve upon your current business structure, it’s necessary to monitor your systems and consider the costs and benefits of various types of work. A CPA can be helpful in analyzing the profits and costs of various contracts, products, and services you offer, and can give advice on which of these services are most lucrative and which are costing more labor and overhead than they’re worth. This kind of assessment can help you streamline your work to focus on your most productive areas.

  • Internal Controls: These can encompass anything from elaborate checks and balances to discourage fraud, to a simple streamlining of your company’s paperwork to make you more efficient. A CPA with experience in your industry can advise you on the best internal controls for your business.

  • Technology and Software Support: Your CPA can be an important resource in advising you on any changes you need to make to the technology or software you need to run your business. He or she can suggest software that can improve your financial outlook, and may be able to tell you about compatible technology in other areas.

A CPA is an invaluable team member for any business. Tap into their diverse range of skills to support your company’s growth, stability, and success.

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