How to Hire a Super Awesome CPA?

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How to Hire a Super Awesome CPA?

Hiring a CPA

Hiring a CPA is a big step in a company growth plan and should be taken pretty seriously. Just like you interview employees or check out other potential vendors, a CPA should be vetted to match your specific needs.


A couple months ago I was taken through multiple steps which was not the norm. I thought it was a smart beginning to the relationship. Expectations were set up front and the honeymoon period was reduced so that we could speak freely with one another right off the bat.


I thought I would share my experience so that you too can hire a great CPA fit for you.


First, I was interviewed.


We talked about what they liked or didn’t like about the previous situation. We talked about realistic expectations and if it was normal for certain things to happen. Honesty is the best policy. Relationships with realistic expectations are always going to go more smoothly for both sides.


Second, a CPA that will take anyone or anything may not be the best fit.


Look at their website. Review it to make sure they are specialists in your industry. Ask them to be sure. Ask for examples of the types of businesses they work with and how they have handled previous businesses.

Hiring a CPA

Third, don’t be intimidated.


You know your business better than anyone. Ok, your accounting could be a mess and your taxes a mess but you have to be comfortable with your mess and the person that is going to help you out of your mess. We see lots of messes so don’t worry about it. Come clean and see how you feel about their response. Your gut is a good indicator of how you will be taken care of.


Fourth, push harder.


Lots of people come in and don’t really know what they want. They believe that the taxes are the only thing your CPA can do for you. That’s not true. In fact, if your CPA only does your taxes you are missing a huge opportunity to grow your business or get some solutions to your problems. Push harder for more in the relationship if that’s what you want. If they can’t deliver, they are not the right CPA for you.


Lastly, ask for referrals.


I was feeling really confident that particular day and instead of sending 3 client names that never had an issue and loved MOD Ventures I sent him one customer who we had made a mistake. I think that speaks very loudly that yes we do good work but even more important when we screw up, we fix it. After all, your CPA is a person not a robot. Its unrealistic to believe that they will NEVER make a mistake. Its how the problem is solved that makes the biggest difference.


Hopefully, this has given you some ideas on how to hire a super awesome CPA. If we can be of any assistance in your business, please let us know. We definitely want you to have the right CPA for you. Call us today if you need help.

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